General Questions

How can I accept credit cards?

To accept credit card payments you must connect to a payment processor. For one-time payments we support both Stripe and PayPal. For saving cards and automatic payments, only Stripe is currently supported.

Which countries do you support?

We allow you to sign up and send invoices from any country, however to enable online payments you must be in a country supported by either Stripe or PayPal.

I can't find my local currency!

Send us a message and we'll add your currency if it's supported by both Stripe and PayPal, and is not a zero-decimal currency such as the Japenese Yen.

Can my clients pay draft invoices?

Yes, clients can pay any draft invoice if you send them the link to the invoice. Draft invoices are invoices that were not sent through the Selfco app.

Can I charge a "one-time fee" or "setup fee" on a subscription?

Yes! Create a subscription and include both the one-time fee and the recurring fee. Activate the subscription, and once the first invoice is created, update the subscription to remove the one-time fee.

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